Advice needed for a rescue pigeon.


8 Years
May 31, 2011
West Virginia, USA
I suddenly and unexpectedly find myself the owner of a pigeon. I figured I'd post here and ask those more experienced than myself for their knowledge and wisdom.

First, let me tell you a story. It's important to bear in mind that my budget is...tight. About two weeks ago, I go out to do a bit of light gardening only to find a pigeon sitting on the back stoop. Well...not sitting so much as flopping around and bleeding. Turns out one of the neighborhood kids got overzealous with a BB gun. The poor bird caught one in the wrist of his right wing. I managed to extract the BB and patch him up and as it stands, he's doing well. A friend's father (a retired vet) was visiting from out of town over the week end. I got him to take a look at the bird. He says I did a good job on the wing, but the tendon damage is simply too great and he (at least, I think the pigeon is a he) will never fly again. I was completely unprepared to take on a pigeon...but there it is. I named him Quetzalcoatl (Qetzo for short) and have embraced my responsibility to keep him alive and well.

For the moment he's holding up in a chicken coop that will be free of chickens for a few more weeks (my housemates picking up the young chicks tomorrow). In the mean time I shall build him a 30''X30''X40'' cage just as soon as I can get my hands on the materials. Now, my understanding is that a pigeon needs a warm body on those cold winter nights as well as socialization. I'd like to keep Qetzo un-frozen and sane.

Anyone have any suggestions on the how?
Also, if it comes down to it, what is the best way to go about finding another pigeon for cheap? I don't need fancy, just alive and healthy.
Poor bird! If it is destined to be earth- bound for the rest of it's life it can still be happy 'specially with a companion. Would be better if it's friend was the opposite sex but in pigeon's it is not neccesary. Wouldn't have to be concerned about the inevitable offspring that way. You might try Craigslist or maybe inquire at your local feed store, wouldn't have to be any certain breed. Great of you to rescue it from an almost certain death due to it's injury.

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