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  1. littl3bird

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    Apr 2, 2017
    Glen Arm, MD
    Hello BYC'ers,

    We are so excited to be joining this community with our 6 member grab bag of chicks! We have a few more weeks until they are ready to move outside and a lot to do in that time. Here's our coop dilemma... We're renovating an old potting shed, and I need to decide where to put the windows. The shed is 8'x10', 7' high at the low point of the roof and 11' at the high point. The nesting boxes will be between 18-20" off the ground and will be 12" high. I would like to add 3 windows, 1 each on the eastern, western and southern sides. My question is how high to place them. The west-facing wall is subject to VERY strong winds that sweep across the pasture next to us. I'm concerned about the coop being well ventilated without putting the chickens in a draft. How high can they roost? Additionally, would it better to put a larger or smaller window on that western windy wall and conversely, a larger or smaller one on the eastern side?

    Am I overthinking this?! I just want my ladies to be comfortable!

    I've attached pics of my plans, any advice would be welcome :D[​IMG]

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    Mar 13, 2017
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    welcome to BYC and congrats on the 6 new "grab bag" chicks lol. I think your idea is fine, I would put at least 2 in that are screened with hardware cloth so that way you can have better ventilation... really it's wherever you would like to put them. Looks like it will be a nice little coop.

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