African Harlequin quail


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
Are there any current keepers of these guys? What are they like compared to Japanese Coturnix? (Care, personality etc?)
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There are no quail like the coturnix. They have been bred in captivity for thousands of years to isolate traits that humans desired. Harlequins may resemble them in shape and the color of the females but the similarities end there. They are actually very small birds nearer in size to a button quail than a coturnix. Here are some links and if no one who is keeping them chimes in I'll connect you will some folks who have before at least.
I know they aren't the same as the Japanese Coturnix, I was just hoping someone who keeps them (all threads I could find were old and I didn't want to bump up old threads) currently would offer a comparison. I know they are small, I'm told a bit bigger than buttons and a bit smaller than Japanese Cots. But I have also heard conflicting stories about them being really tame, and really wild. I would like to hear from keepers what their experience has been.
If you want eggs, try emailing Vail's Quail. I know he raises them, not sure if he's selling eggs. Otherwise, purelypoultry has the eggs for sale too.
I just got some today. They are A lot bigger than I expected. I would say 4/5 The size of Japanese (non Jumbo), It would be vary eazy to confused the hen for a Japanese. Vary Cool mating call, Reminds Me of "jin-gle-bells".

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