After 11 days one figured out the nipple!!!

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    Apr 24, 2011
    We put the big bottle with 1 nipple in the run about 11 days ago. No one was interested in it. I tapped it and tried to show them that water came out, they could have cared less. Finally I thought I should really SHOW them how this worked so I picked them up one at a time and tapped their beaks carefully on to the end of the nipple. Of my six pullets my one White Rock Snowball came back and tried on her own. She got it!!!!! Then I noticed Ginger one of the Golden Comets pecked at it a little and I think she understood. So now I am just hoping it is only a matter of time before the rest will follow along. I am so excited that they are using it. Who said chickens were not that smart? OK I did for about 11 days LOL!!![​IMG]
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    Mine are still trying to figure it out! It's been weeks! At night they are locked in a coop with water only available by nipples and their nightly grain; in the morning, most race for the pan of water! The waterers inside the coop are being used; the level of water is going down! Seems to be going down faster this week than last ! Maybe more of them are getting it.[​IMG]
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    My girls figured it out after a couple hours. I showed them how it works, and took the regular waterer out after one chick tried the nipple. I put the regular waterer back in periodically for a couple of days, but last time I put it in, they ignored it, so I figured they had all gotten the hang of the nipples. They all 6 crowd around two nipples sometimes. When one is thirsty, they all are thirsty. Funny girls. They were about 4 weeks old when I changed them over to the nipples. What a wonderful invention!

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