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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by 7L Farm, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I'm here in Texas & have my new card for my Ag exemption. I went to buy a zero turn lawn mower. The salesman shows me the price & included is over 500 dollars in taxes. I said wait a minute I'm buying this mower to mow around my trees in my pecan orchard. He says nope you gotta pay the taxes because its a lawn mower. I have the money to pay the taxes but why should I. I sell the pecans when they produce & I can find someone to pick them. I live on a hundred acre hay farm been selling hay for over 15 years. What should I do?
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    Contact your state department of revenue and ask for detailed information on what things are exempt from taxes due to this Ag card. It may be that you have to pay taxes and file for reimbursement; you may need to purchase from a dealer who sells equipment that is more typical of farm use such as tractors and plows; or maybe he is right and it does not qualify.

    Make sure to get the detailed information in writing.
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    He's right.

    The state already tells them what is exempt and what isn't

    A "lawn mower" isn't "farm equipment" no matter what you want to use it for.

    If you want the tax exemption, buy a tractor and bushhog to mow
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    It has to be equipment exclusively used for the production of ag products for you to sale and nothing else. As it sounds: that you'd use it (maybe around your house) and for sure under the trees and some years you sell some of the pecans, but some years you don't sell sounds like the salesman was correct to me. Hay mowers for your hay would be covered, though.

    This may help you:

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