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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CHallMD, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Have 2 brooders going, raising few-day old Cuckoo Marans and a Welsummer; also 2-week-old Barred Rocks and Americaunas. It's going well, of my days-old Marans is being especially aggressive. Not just the usual picking, but instead unprovoked rushing of the other chicks, picking at the eyes, and even getting on top of other chicks -- aggressive behavior that seems to exceed what is commonly described as the establishment of "pecking order." We've segregated her in order to limit the behavior. Later, put her in with older chicks, in hopes they would better extinguish her misbehavior. No blood has been drawn, as of yet.

    Anything else to consider? Is this a sign of behavior that is unlikely to change? Is she going to terrorize our whole flock for years to come. Thanks for any input!
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    I had two cockerals who when they were young would do this.I would let them proceed.She isn't really doing much.
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  3. You might actually be escalating the behavior by separating your chick from the others. They have pecking orders the same as adult birds do. Removing the chick and then putting it back with the others may be upsetting the balance and making your little tiger fight for what it perceives is its rightful place in the order of things.

    I have 8 2 week old chicks hatched by a Buff O hen. They are to the point where they are scrapping with one another from time to time. It's comical to watch them jump and fly at one another in mock battle. If somebody gets too rough, they just run back to momma for protection.

    As suggested, I wouldn't worry too much about it as long as no blood is drawn. Don't permit it to act aggressively towards you however. It might be a little cockerel and no sense allowing bad habits to set in that you have to deal with later when it is older. I've picked up chicks when they act out towards me and held them till they calm down.

    Good luck with your little 'slugger'.
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