Aggressive duck mating; drake attacking hen; pulling out feathers and causing bleeding


In the Brooder
Dec 29, 2020
With a drake like that, I doubt more females would help. You may need to be prepared to keep that drake seperate majority of the time. If it is a seasonal thing for him, then drake jail may work for him. If the drake works well with the other two females, you could also consider rehoming the female after she is in better condition. It would be a lot easier to find her a home. You could have her go to an all female flock.

I have had to get rid of 2 drakes due to behavior issues. One was a moscovy drake that picked on my Pekin. He became dinner and the next day, no one missed him. My pekin was extremely happy and calm settled back into the flock. The second one was a khaki Campbell Drake that needed way too many females and even stressed my other drake out. We rehomed him, and again the flock calmed down and my females were much happier again. My ducks terrorized by the drake were far less skiddish, and my other drake lost his crazy stressed out look. It can be hard to remove a drake sometimes. But if it creates a happier flock, I would remove them every time.
Thanks! The female he’s attacking is my favorite so I don’t think I could ever accept re-homing her. I’ll keep him separated as much as possible for now. I’m hoping it is just seasonal.

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