AHHHH!!!! Anyone else have problems with neighbors???????????????

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by jlbpooh, Jun 6, 2011.

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    It is perfectly legal for me to have whatever kind of poultry/animals I want with my zoning. We also have perimeter fencing around our entire property. Our birds range freely within our fencing, we have ducks, geese, guineas, and chickens.

    I have a neighbor that is constantly harrassing us about my birds (we were here first). First he doesn't like the guineas, so he has called the sheriff once and said they were pooping in his pool. When we confronted him after the sheriff left, he acknowledged that the birds hadn't crossed the boundaries and that he was just worried that they would poop in his beloved pool. One other day he threatened to call the sheriff about the guineas noise. Yet a couple of days later we caught him messing with them and making them scream. He has also thrown fireworks and burning sticks at them.

    Saturday he called and complained that a pair of my ducks had gone through my fence and were eating his grass. Mind you this area is in the woods and is not lawn, and these ducks have never gone throught the fence in the past. Also, he has fed some of my birds in the past because he liked the geese. I put a stop to that. He put up a piece of welded wire where they were coming through. I went and assessed it, and decided the welded wire would be sufficient. This morning at 7 am. I decided the ducks could roam around since that wire was up. I got a call an hour later from the Sheriff's office saying that my neighbor had called them about my ducks eating his grass. I said we were both at work (I work 26 miles from home, hubby is 20 minutes away), so it would be 5:30 before I could be home to put them in a pen. The sheriff was fine with that. My hubby got mad at the neighbor and went home anyway to put the ducks up. There was no wire hanging on the fence anymore. The neighbor took it down, so the ducks could go through the fence again so he could call the sheriff.

    This particular pair of ducks is now for sale since I can't keep them penned up forever. The poor things haven't been penned up for 2 years except for at night until today. They were going crazy when I got home. I cannot afford to put another form of fencing over 6 acres worth of field fencing to keep them from going back through the fence. Sure I could cover the area they are going through now, but they will just find another way of getting to his yard knowing my luck.

    Anyone have any advice for how to deal with a neighbor that hates any kind of animal period? He threw his wife's cat out, and he is fencing his entire property to keep any kind of critter out. He doesn't work, so he is outside hours on end and has plenty of time to find more things to knit pick about. We aren't the only ones he is doing this too, the man on the other side of him has some livestock and dogs too. I am so frustrated it isn't even funny.

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    I sympathize with you!

    Sounds like you need to talk with the other neighbors to see what 'tactics' he's using on them. Present a unified front against a common enemy and perhaps you'll come up with a unified solution.

    Perhaps you should enlist the help of the Sherriff? Since he's the one instigating the problems, ask the Sherriff what to do. You're likely not the first neighbor troubles the Sherriff has had to deal with!

    Some folks are just looking for trouble. Seems like you might have one of those on your hands. Our 'nasty' neighbor is too busy with being a chaperone for her now teenagers (got 3 and 1 middle schooler). I know we're ok for a couple years, but fully expect trouble again once a few of the kids are out of the house. Not looking forward to it, not at all.
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    I'd just fence a smaller area for them, away from the mutual fence line, not the entire property, for the protection of the birds. They could still have a large area to range in. I wouldn't get rid of my livestock for the likes of him. He sounds like a very scary type that may have issues beyond livestock getting on his propery...and it's always amazing how late comers want to change what's allowed by zoning. Seen it happen over and over throughout the years. They should live in an area that doesn't allow livestock but I've seen my share of those types that move to areas they never should have.

    Fencing should be watched and repaired by the livestock owner, then if he removes or destroys the fencing he's liable for it.

    He has a right not to have livestock of others on his property and as responsible livestock owners we need to provide proper fencing to keep our livestock on our own property and not give those types a reason to complain. He does not have the right to bait or harm your livestock or property. It's good that he's fencing his own property. It'll make up for the existing lack of proper fencing if there's multiple way your livestock can get out, but I'd still keep my animals, fence a smaller area (they'll adjust quickly) and I'd keep my eye on that guy. A game cam, or at a least a sign stating such or one saying "smile, you're on camera" could be a world of help in preventing him messing with your fencing or tossing things to your animals, and would be helpful in nailing him messing with your property and animals. You should report him to the authorities with evidence in hand.

    Good luck and hoping for a good solution for you.

  4. Sassafras

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    Jan 16, 2011
    Did you have all of those animals before he moved in? I could see if he had a specific complaint like, "they smell" or "the guineas are too loud" but the behavior is odd. I think the game cam idea is great.
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    Poor guineas! Egg his house!! Well, actually, that's not very practical, but you need to stop him from pushing you around. I'd fix the fence myself and if he took it down, he'd be at fault for messing with my stuff.

  6. NYRIR

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    I think a smaller area for the ducks is a good idea.If possible, I would also put up a camera so you could "catch" him doing things to instigate your birds.It sounds like he is just one of those "off-balance" people who like trouble and if there is none...they make it.What I do know is that I wouldn't get rid of them just yet...I would try other options first [​IMG]
    The biggest thing that concerns me is how he is treating your birds...I would catch that on video...show him and tell him if he does not stop bothering your birds and messing with things...you will press charges for animal abuse.
  7. ShortCircuitRanch2332

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    secure your yard, protect your chickens ducks and geese. my neighbor is IDENTICAL to yours she messes up the fence so my dogs can get through she calls animal control,code enforcement, and the sheriffs all the time for anything like there being a bunch of pot in my green houses there is a lot of POTS no pot tho lol or animal control for 50 abused and rabid dogs, and on top of it shes a schizophrenic drunken nut case who yells at her dog for not "answering her" its pretty freaky and its a B**** to deal with every day and now I have 2 lambs and I have her out asking me why for what shes had them and don't want them again why would you get those? BECAUSE I CAN!!! UGH!

    my advise to you is do your best to ignore him/her secure your birds and DO PLEASE call the sheriff and make a complaint and make sure its on paper because they pick at everything so bad I had mine call me and leave a message saying, I know you snuck over here last night and took my pills and my alcohol If you don't give it back there will be trouble,and just know I have a Gun and I know how to use it. ya know what the cops said? well its not a direct threat so we cant use it she didn't say she would use the gun ON you..........really? haha do your best and make sure you get everything on paper recording or video oh and good luck, God bless and may the force be with you, your gonna need it haha
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    Most importantly, NEVER let the nasty neighbor see that you are upset. If you lose your cool, you lose the game.

    Possibly, laugh at him as if he is ubsurd.

    DO call the sherrif first and mention harrassment and tampering. Mention the lie about your birds being in his pool. Get him listed as a trouble instigator. Sad but true, the cops do take sides, sometimes unfairly.

    Vent long and loud on this post. I don't have problems yet, but I anticipate them in the future. I live on a farm where I occupy the castle and the villagers are often gathering with torches and pitchforks, screaming, "Kill the Beast". Jealousy is dangerous.

    What we resist persists. Try not to engage your neighbor because you are his primary amusement right now. He will have no fun if he cannot get you riled. Laugh him off. The man likely already has esteem issues, and no one likes to be ridiculed.

  9. P-Funk

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    Feb 20, 2011
    Yes, I have a problem neighbor. My animals never leave my yard but his dog comes over. After 3 phone calls and a visit the D.O.W. went over and removed the dog that was killing my girls. That was the last time I've ever heard from him. I don't know how big your 'hubby' is but I'm 6'2" with a horrible mean streak when it comes to my babies dying. Sometimes that's what it takes.

  10. shellyga

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    Oct 23, 2010
    hummmm my first thought was hot wire it.. -- as in electric fence.. with the controls on the collar of a VERY LARGE DOG. You could be super nice and say "In an effort to keep my animals from coming on your property, I have put in an electric fence".. If the mean man gets shocked.. tis his fault. I would also definately talk to the sheriff.. that way your concerns are on record. I would also put a game camera up.. you need evidence.

    sorry you are having so much trouble.

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