Ahhhhhhwww- They got me!!!

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    Those silly hens! They totally got me this time!

    Heres the story on my little ladies- In feb. I got some 4 weekers and brought them home. I sold 10 out of the 14, and I kept 1 BR (barred rock), 1 RIR (rhode island red), 1 SLW (silver laced wyandotte), 1 I cant remember right now, and here it is June 27, and I've been waiting ever so patiently to find more than my usual 4 eggs a day (from my older 4 layers). My older girls always lay in a nesting box, and I have plastic golf balls in the boxes to encourage laying in the right spots. Every day for weeks now I've been hopefully looking for more eggs, but everyday I have gone in slightly dissapointed, but still hopeful, cuz, they gotta lay sometime, right??

    This afternoon I heard a terrible rukus, and I thought something must have gotten ahold of one of my free ranging darlings, so I snatched up my baby son and ran full tilt towards the screaming. It wasnt far, but by the time I got there, the noise had stopped, my little cochin roo was looking at me and softly croooo-ed at me like he had something to say important and that I should maybe follow him. Well, I dont listen to silly teenage roo's so I looked around some more and I saw Babbs, my 5 month old Barred Rock getting out of a hay filled rubbermade container, looking for all the world like I was the one with a problem, and why was I looking at her at all!

    Still not one to pay to much attention to a snobby young pullet, I started poking around where she had been. Weeeell, you coulda knocked me down with a hen feather, cuz in a little spot, surrounded with old boxes (from transporting chicks from the brooder to the hen house) and in an old-hay filled depression, hidden from view, was THIRTEEN pullet bullets!!! 13!! It was just the cutest little collection, about 4 different shades of little eggs, and all of them were just roasting in the sun! They were so hot, when I cracked them open, 1 was about 1/2 way to hard boiled!! NOT going rotten, it smelled fine, just the yolk was firm and all the clear fluid was semi-solid and very white! Those were some hot eggs!

    So I guess my girls not only lay my breakfast, they found a way to cook them for me too!![​IMG]

    So, they got me, they hid the eggs from me for quite a awhile- I am just so glad I know where to go to find them now, I was getting worried I was going to have to go on an egg hunt in the acre pasture to find the eggs. Now all I have to do is figure out for sure who is laying which egg. (it doesnt really matter, I just like to know, anybody know egg colors for BR, RIR, SLW's?)
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    That's one good little henny that lays the egg and cooks it for you [​IMG]
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    Aww, what a great story. Sounds like a smart roo, too.

    My SLWs lay light brown/beige eggs...about the same color as a Buff Orpington egg if that tells you anything, but rounder in shape. I don't have your other two kinds.

    Have fun!
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    Congrats on your first 13 eggs!

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