Air bubble on shoulder


Dec 8, 2020
One of my 6 month old polish bantam has wry neck for the last 2 weeks, we have been treating with nutri drench and antibiotics. We just found an air bubble on her right side just above her wing by her head. What is it and do I pop it. Her wry neck has only gotten a small bit better also


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You mention the area feels like it's filled with air, correct? It's not hard, or feels like it filled with liquid? Not connected to her crop either?


If the bubble is near the neck area, it's possible she ruptured one of her cervical air sacs. That can happen because of a few reasons, but trauma is a common cause. If it does feel like it's filled with air, it may be best to poke the bubble with a 18 gauge needle, or make a small incision with a scalpel. The area may refill, especially if a needle is used.

@casportpony , has dealt with a ruptured air sac in some of her birds, so may have advice.
@casportpony , I know this thread is a few years old, but I just found it while searching for any info about an air bubble I just found on top of my hen's right shoulder. In the last comment, Isaac O says you have dealt with a ruptured air sac before, so can I ask you for some advice? I'm thinking about taking Isaac O's advice here, and taking a scalpel to it. But I want to get some more insight and possible confirmation.
Also, @Isaac 0 , if you've had more experience or can shed more light on your advice above, I would really appreciate whatever you can tell me.
Thank you both!

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