Sep 10, 2019
So, i just got done reading up that Alfalfa Meal is good for chickens, and that it is high in protein. Well when i go to images and try to see what it looks like, it just shows chickens eating alfalfa hay. Could i soak alfalfa pellets and feed it to them? Any help is very much appreciated.
I give my chickens Alfalfa hay during the winter months.
I toss some in the raised coops and under.
I've never bought Alfalfa pellets, but I've read that people soak them and feed to chickens, some mix into wet or fermented feed.
It's high Protein but lacks some amino acids, so I wouldn't feed more than a couple of Tbsp daily after soaking per chicken. GC
You can. Alfalfa pellets and cubes are typically make from over mature rain damaged hay that can't command a premium price in the horse market. There is more leaf shatter from extended drying losing leaf matter (the more desirable and nutritious portion). If you ferment your feed it is simple to add a handful to the bucket to add some green. My preference is to use regular alfalfa hay. First off I have an abundance of it for the horses but it's going to be a superior product with more leaf, when there is a shortage of free ranging it will provide hours of scratching and entertainment and cheaper. The leftover stems just become bedding.
I haven't seen alfalfa meal at the feed store in decades. It's typically a feed milling ingredient. Normally listed as "forage product" on the feed tag. It will have a high portion of stems, a portion they would normally not eat. As far as protein content, it is all over the place. Could be as low as 12% or as high as 18%+. In buying a bale of hay look for small stems, green, loaded with leaves, sweet smelling (no fermented tang) no flowers (purple or white).
My chickens tend to like feed that has alfalfa in the ingredients, but they've never liked soaked alfalfa pellets, not even when mixed into their wet feed. But maybe yours will like it - good luck! :)

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