"All flock" feed?

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    I have read over and over here that this should be feed to a mixed flock of layers and pullets (along with a calcium source for the layers). Bu where in the real world do you get it? I have looked at Tractor Supply, all the farm feed stores, even the local supermarket has started selling chicken feeds, but in every case all they have are chick mash, grower/starter, layer and scratch (useless except for treats). No one has ever even heard of a general all flock feed, and I'm beginning to wonder if such a thing even exists or whether y'all haven't been spending just a little too much time with your birds. [​IMG]
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    Nutrena supplies an 'All Flock' poultry feed - not certain if that is what you are looking for. Rural King is one of their vendors.
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    I am in Alberta, Canada......No such thing here either....I was not really looking for it, although asked at my local feed mill....They also never heard of it......The best thing to feed is a Grower till all Birds are of laying age.......Put out Grit and Oyster shell in two separate bowls.......

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    Purina makes Flock Raiser. That's what I feed for my flock of mixed species and ages. I can get it at both farm/feed stores in my town. Tractor Supply should have it unless they don't sell Purina.
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    TSC does have "flock raiser", but isn't that a grower feed (the name implies it is)? [​IMG]
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    I like it for my mixed flock of chickens; all ages, males, everyone, with oyster shell on the side. It's labeled for chickens of all ages. My birds get a small amount of scratch feed, and free range when there's no snow on the ground. My local feed stores have it within three or four weeks of production at the factory, so it's not old, and I buy what's eaten in a week or ten days. There are other good feeds, and it's important to have a steady source of fresh feed available, so a different brand may be better in another part of the country. Mary
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    Jan 24, 2016
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    You will definitely need to supply oyster shell on the side. As far as I can see the main difference between flock raiser and layer is the protein % and added calcium. The 20% protein in flock raiser supports molting, winter nutrition, and it's better for my bigger birds, (turkeys and ducks.) They all get oyster shell on the side so the layers get their calcium. I prefer my males and young birds to not get the extra calcium in a layer feed. Using flock raiser, I don't have to switch out feeds when I have broodies and babies.
    I have moved to feeding flock raiser from day one, it just works for us.
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    there are basically 3 stages of feed.
    1- chick starter for hatch to 6-8 weeks
    2- grower which can be used as an "all flock feed" for flocks of mixed ages, gender, species and what not. With grower put out a feeder with oyster shell and one with grit.
    3- layer is for an all "girl" flock that is laying and has no boys. Extra calcium is not good for males or babies.

    Hope that broke it down. If you have a mill near by I would suggest buying from them. Several reasons but mostly because the feed is made fresh weekly at most mills. Plus the employees are a bit more knowledgeable about the product. Then there is the fact you are supporting small business and local farms. Just ask for the grower feed and a bag of oyster shell.
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    What should I feed a flock of 4 laying hens, 2 pullets 1 laying 1 not, and a cockerel not laying. I'm currently feeding 18% feather fixer and flock raiser ( once my current bag of flock raiser is gone I'm taking them off it which shouldn't be more than 2 weeks )

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