All kinds of chks and Ducks are in Farm Store - Peking Duck


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11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
Greenfield Indiana
I can't help it. Last year we started with 9 chicks and added 9 more. Plenty of Eggs for all! Now our local farm store has more! Its Chick Days! I was wondering we have a pond - what about peking duck? They have a bunch of those. Do people eat them - ie: chinese food or do they use them for eggs?

If I buy more feathered friends - I am going to need to explain it to my wife. I wonder how long I could have them before she finds out!


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11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
North Central Missouri boonies
You HAD to get them, they were going to die if you did not buy them, and they LOOKED at you and you could not refuse their cute little eyes!

Look honey, just hold one! *hands her a duckling and *SUCKER* she is hooked!!!

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