All my Chickens getting ill and dying mysteriously, Please help

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    Nov 7, 2013
    This may be long but please read, I would like any and all input. I had 2 chickens and 1 rooster that are almost 8 years old, One became ill and I thought it might be due to old age, she went from extremely fat to losing most of her body weight and got real weak. I got her antibiotics, and probiotics, and electrolyes. she got worse and died, The amount of time from weight lost to death, approx 4 weeks. then my rooster became ill, same symtoms, extreme weight lost , weeks into the disease loss of appetite,until the end, I did take him to the to vet and he gave me almost everything and anything you can think of in the way of meds, although he really didnt know what was wrong. he died, Then I had my 1 old hen left, same symtoms, feather weight could blow away, eating like crazy and dropping to nothing staggering walk, pale comb, used the meds I had left from the rooster but I went one more step and wormed her with ivermectin, she snapped out of it and gained all her weight back and then some. None of these chickens had any sign of cold, since she made it I went and got a young rooster, I wormed him when he got to the place as he was much thiner than I like, I had him 4 months then the same symtoms hit him, extreme weight loss, staggering and weak.I wormed him, took him to the, vet got him meds, his comb was pale and his face yellowish, he never stopped trying to survive and he never stopped eating like the other two, other than that same old thing, I guess I have a disease of some sort at my place, Im left with one lonesome chicken I dont dare bring anything else there to die. does anyone have any ideals at all ? could it be some kind of worm the meds are not getting, I have wazine and ivermetin, My heart is broken as these were just my pets and Mr Brown who died last night was such a baby he set in my lap all the time. I cant imagine how this old hen snapped out of it, the others had the same meds she did and died.please give me your thoughts whatever they may be. this vet tries but hes not an avian vet, I dont think we have an avian vet in this state. do you think its some sort of worm, no signs of any colds or anything, just starts with exteme weight loss, He also treated for Coccidiosis, although I really dont suspect that at all, the old hen has been in with the young rooster during his illness and she shows no signs of being ill. I also want to say he had r eally bad runny diareah.Please anyone reply back with advice on good wormers and any other meds you can think of that might help me out here. Im stymied, I was going to get an autopsy on the young rooster that just died but I could not afford it.
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    I'm still fairly new to chickens so I don't know what it could be but I do want to say how sorry I am that you are losing your chickens. Maybe someone here will be able to help you.

    Have you searched your state for a Poultry Lab? If you tell me the state you live, I would be happy to help do a search..Lots of state labs do free necropsies. You may be able to talk with them about the symptoms and they can assist with diagnoses and give you further instruction if you were to lose your hen.

    Hope you get answers soon and will be able to get more chickens and enjoy them.
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    Nov 7, 2013
    Thanks I live in Kentucky near lexington, if you find the results I will call and speak with t hem
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