all my chickens killed by dog

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Gonda, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. K9ThorsMom

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    Dec 25, 2010
    Pinellas County, FL
    How horrible! Could have been a dog, as it does sound like their prey behavior...either way, I'm so sorry for your loss...hope the survivor recovers quickly!!!
  2. Gonda

    Gonda Songster

    Nov 14, 2009
    Quote:thanks for your empathy. It's a pretty hard thing. I have worked so hard to get a nice flock. Had some health issues which I addressed successfully with natural remedies. I raised three batches of chicks, which was so enjoyable. Then three times I had to get rid of roosters out of those hatches, which was always a bit traumatic, especially the last time. I just sold two beautiful roosters two months ago and had two beautiful roosters left, and three very lovely hens that were great broodies, and their offspring which I raised from young. I went through a lot this winter, dealing with hard weather conditions on a few occasions, had a rat issue, diligently took the feed out every night, etc. etc. And I kept saying to myself, winter's almost over, it will be fun again in the spring. I was looking forward to raising a few more young ones. My brother has 6 hens which came from our flock (which is one bright spot) and we were looking forward to bringing the cochin rooster over to his ladies to get more of cochin offspring (of which they have one). I was so happy to see the cochin looking so alive on Friday afternoon, and was so hoping for a success story after some TLC and nursing care. But that hope is now gone too. So after all this, telling myself constantly "spring is coming and it will get easier again", now we have no chickens in our run and spring is around the corner. The sun is shining. Normally I'd be sitting here at my computer, glancing out the window now and then, enjoying the chickens out there.

    Yes, anyone who has experienced this themselves will relate. There are much greater tragedies, but this is a sad day.
  3. terrilhb

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    Dec 11, 2010
    I know this feeling to well. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Just give it one day at a time. It will always hurt some but does get a little easier in time. Lots of prayers and hugs sent to you. [​IMG]
  4. WillieBoy

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Sorry for your loss, as mentioned i'd set up a game cam for evidents and positive ID. Leave it up for as long as you need to.If you catch a dog in the act you have no hens for eggs this sprng, that sucks...
    This is why i don't waste my time tracking down owners, calling the law,etc, etc..My hens are my food supply, not a hobby. This dog has cost you in lost eggs,alot of lost eggs over there production life, your food.If you raised them from day old chicks, it took months for them to mature to egg laying age, cost of feed, your time and energy.
    Whats the owner going to do ? Give you 15-20 dollars per bird if your lucky, bullda..! I'd demand $100. a bird for lost production over the hens laying time, of course i'd most likely not get it. So just to end the problem on a final note,and get some justice for the terrified hens shoot the offender, amen....
    In these hard times, i can't afford to pussyfoot around with roaming killer dogs.I know its not easy, but if you have livestock you must defend them, or one probably shouldn't have livestock.
  5. elizabethbinary

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Brisbane, Australia
    [​IMG] I'm so sorry.
  6. BoyetteK9

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Clermont County, Ohio
    I wouldn't bother trapping it. And I'd keep something much more powerful around than a camera. I'm a dog/cat/animal lover, but this is what happens when irresponsible dog owners let their dogs roam free. Shoot, shovel and shut up. Problem solved.
  7. PartridgeRckgal

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    Feb 22, 2011
    I am so sorry for your loss. That is heartbreaking [​IMG] I have a good friend that had 38 ISA Brown laying hens.... a neighbor's dog came over one afternoon, dug into the pen and killed every last one of them. He didn't eat anything, just picked them up and shook them (like a game) until they were all dead. They caught the dog in the act and killed it then went straight to the owners house (they knew the dog and the owner) and told them what happened. They dog owner apologized and paid them for their hens.
  8. tcbfan5

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    Oct 19, 2008
    awe, that sucks! you are not alone...a friend of ours had the same thing happen to him ...he spotted 2 new dogs around his country home & a day or 2 later, chickens went missing...& then a couple more went missing, then a couple more...The dogs ended up killing about 9 of his chickens...He did however, solve the problem...He saw them again a few days later. The dogs were nice/friendly towards humans, & he snatched em both up & took em to the local pound. So yeah, dogs will attack & kill chickens, & will come back for more... For me, if i couldnt trap/catch em, i'd be takin BoyetteK9's advice...
  9. satay

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Esk Qld Australia
    Sorry for your losses.
  10. dragon86

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    Apr 16, 2010
    west frankfort, il
    dogs have the instint to kill for food but since they dont really need to the normal just kill for fun. my day lost over 50 chickens to a single dog back when he use to raise them they just keep killing till every things dead.

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