all my chickens killed by dog

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  1. I'm really sorry that happened.I hope you are able to find the dog and then have chickens later with the electric around them [​IMG]
    I know it does something to you when it happens.Last year the ONE night I had to be out of town dogs came from nowhere and killed 2 of my Russian Siberian cats.It really got to me.I got my navy issue combat knife out (too many houses here- not easy to get a safe shot) in case I got the chance to get them going after another one.Never seen them.A friend that had come by to feed for me gave me their descriptions.
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    Quote:Yes. Dogs will do that; although generally they don't bother carrying any of them off.
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    Oh no! I am so sorry for your loss--how devastating. [​IMG] It certainly is a painful way to find out your coop isn't secure enough.

    We built a Forte Knox even though we live in the suburbs because we do have raccoons--they are smart and dexterous predators. It is a bit expensive to do but to experience such a great loss as yours is harder on the heart. Coyotes also live in the surrounding area but I've not seen any in our neighborhood.

    Whether you find the killer or not you need to re-think the coop's security. Hardware cloth--no bigger than 1/2" is a great way to go. It does have to be secured well--use washers and screws. Another option is --believe it or not--is get a dog. Not just any dog, but a Livestock Guardian Dog such as an Anatolian, Great Pyrenees, etc. Properly raised with their charges they are excellent security for your chickens. No predator will bother your chickens with one or two of them around. Although our dog is not a LGD, she is an ex-military dog. Since we are in the burbs and have a completely fenced yard we don't need a LGD but we still only let our girls out when she is outside too--she loves takes her job of protecting "her" chickens seriously. [​IMG]
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    I really sympathize, and I am dreading what happens next at our Nevada house. I cannot believe what our neighbor said to us - when we mentioned getting more chickens, they very calmly told us that we might want to think twice about that because their dog gets loose and he already killed a chicken down the road! Then they went on to say they'd bought the folks down the road a bag of chicken feed and to them that was fair.

    Do they really think that if one of my hens gets killed that a bag of chicken feed pays the replacement cost for a productive laying hen? If they bought at the local general store, it's either a general poultry feed or scratch, not a quality laying feed.

    I am sure they would raise Jolly Old Nick (NOT the Saint) if there dog came over and was kicked into the next county by long ears. I wonder if they'd accept a bag of cheap dog food and consider it fair. And that would be on our property.

    Several times I have stopped on the road and honked so they could call the beast up so he wouldn't get killed chasing our vehicles. Maybe next time I should just keep going and if he happens to get his fool head under the rear tire, so be it. (He chases cars with his head in front of the rear tire on the dirt road.)
  5. Quote:NOTE: If the neighbor's dog kills your chickens...SSS

    See how calm they are when they can't find their dog.
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    sorry for your loss:hugs
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    Sorry for your loss, I had a similar experience with my dads dog. I eventually had to get rid of the dog because he wouldn't correct the problem, 9 birds on 5 different occasions later. I was hard to do that to my dad, and he tried a little but not enough.

    Sometimes life's a coop full of dead chickens instead of a box of chocolates.javascript:insert_text('[​IMG]',%20'');
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    Quote:Ok after reading that one it made me mad [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What kind of neighbors are this b*stards [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm really sorry for your loss [​IMG] [​IMG]

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