All my chicks died

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I brought home 6 baby chicks yesterday, they were all doing well, running around eating drinking, normal. I left to go to barn, when I got home, one was acting wobbly, I dipped its beak in water several times through the day, but it died in the night with 4 others!!! I have never seen this before, I bought them from same farmstore I and my friends have gotten chicks before, are the chances of other two not good?? I just thought the little one probably didn't get to water soon enough. Any knowledge would be helpful, heart broken in CA
I am sorry for the loss. I don't have any answers, just a big hug...
Thank you, I just love my chickies sooo much. I have 4 healthy Buff Orps that are 4 weeks old, thankfully they are separated. Have a wonderful weekend.
I know! They are so easy to love. We are in California too. Santa Clarita
I've never gotten chicks from the feed store, do they offer any kind of guarantee? If they do, I'd give them a call and see if they'll replace them. I know that doesn't take away the sadness of loosing babes you've gotten attached to, but its a start. Sorry about your chickies, good luck!
I'm so sorry for your loss :(

I'm a new first time chick owner in Northern CA and lost one chick last night too, so sad. She seemed to be fine and drinking when we got her home, but never ate. Found her early this morning.

Most feed stores don't offer refunds, but seeing as you lost so many at once, I would at least alert them to what happened and see what they say.

Anyways, hugs to you
They are closed until Tuesday, I am definately going to let them know, They all died except one. I removed waterer and replaced with new one. They all had the vitamins in water so not sure why they all died. I did notice that the one looked like it was gasping for air and had a wobbly drunk like walk ( I had to cull her out :( ) I am praying this little barred rock survivies. Thanks for all your well wishes. Chicken people are the best!
I'm hoping your little barred does just fine, fingers are crossed for you. Please let us know what happens after you get in touch with the feed store. I wonder if any other customers experienced anything similar, not sure if they'd tell you though.

My buff orp that died had similar symptoms, very wobbly, drunk like and breathing really hard.

Not sure if I'm going to be a terrific chicken owner as last night I cried so hard watching that litte bird, knowing that I would probably find her dead in the morning. I know these things happen, many times without answers, but I get attached so easily.

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