all silkie lovers need ur help

I have Lorraine, Ida & Pearl - as well as Steve for the roo. They remind me of old people for some reason.. Can't quite put my finger on it.
Q-tip, cottenelle, price, cirrus, storm cloud, hazel, cute thing, Jenny, Debbie, skids, skittles, pooka, rusty, frank (Frankenstein actually, huge vaulted skull on that one! Lol) blue, zippy, pepper, buddy, danali, bumble and fluffy Magee. I think that's it.

Hope that helps!
I have 5 silkies

Pip- White silkie roo
Teagles- White silkie pullet
Doodles-Buff silkie pullet
Waffles- Partridge silkie roo
Pancake- White silkie hen
We have Ling-Ling, Kate, Oliver and Yi-Lang.

I thought "Puffin" was cute and "Marshmallow"

I have a chick now, who is known as "Baby Ling-Ling" until we can determine sex. Then it will be Mia for a girl or Zeus for a boy.

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