Alligators in Ga

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  1. this isn't surprising - they can be found from the gulf up to North Carolina sometimes. - there was one here in the piedmont (pretty sure it had either come from the river or had been a pet and released) in a residental lake.

    I love alligators - leave them alone and they'll leave you alone - especially if they don't associate people with food (people feeding them) then they have no reason to attack - until they get huge that is and then you swimming looks like food.
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    That is soo cool ... I would love to have been able to see theat first hand.. ( Not form a boat amongst it mind you [​IMG])
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    William, you should read "Going to Ground" by Amy Blackmarr, about living in her grandfather's fishing cabin in south Ga. There is a chapter about the alligator in her pond and how the wildlife folks had to relocate it.
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    [​IMG] Incredible!!! I certainly wouldn't have had the courage to drive that little boat through that swarm of gators.

    and oh my gosh...[​IMG] "you couldn't drive a needle up his butt with a tractor trailer truck" [​IMG]
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    Years ago we used to go to Myrtle Beach SC to golf--there was a huge one in the pond of the Dunes Golf Course. I understand they tend to collect like that when it is dry and there aren't many other watering holes around. Lots of cowboy boots there though.
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    They are also common in the Hilton Head region of N.C.
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    I didn't know they came that far north.
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    They're delicious.

    I can tell you, as a "relocator" back in the 1990's, we seldom relocated animals. If the people come and "tranquilize" the cougar, in your tree, it does not get relocated. Except to the landfill. The animals are killed. Skunks, raccoons, badgers, etc. All killed.

    On my own, I once let a skunk go, in the alley behind someone's house, I didn't like. That was the only relocation. Everything else was tranquilized, to death, on purpose, by the company. The policy was you say the words "We are going to relocate them" but you don't tell anyone where. The cougars/bears are never relocated. Too dangerous.

    You could probably relocate an alligator but if you've already got wayyyy too many of them, why would you do that?
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    I used to do alot of saltwater fishing in my boat around the southern part of Cumberland Island on the Georgia/Florida border. It wasnt uncommon to see a gator laying in the marsh in a creek off the intracoastal waterway. Once in awhile we'd see one laying up on the beach sunning itself. There's quite a few of them in the St Mary's river which is just down the road from me.
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