Almost 3 months old...what are we?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Krissyt23, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    Hi y'all. I posted my flock a couple times when they were much younger and I received a few unsure answered. Any ideas on the breeds I've got going on here?

    I have 3 that I know the breed of because it's pretty obvious but 2 elude me.

    2 Ayam Cemani, my neighbor hatched from hers and gave to me. She believes them to be one female, one male.
    (Female? - Raven)

    (Male - no name yet)

    And one Barred Rock female named Big Bertha.

    I have a Roo (pretty sure) with feathered feet and he is TINY so I assume Bantam of some sort. His name was Teriyaki but if it's a boy we're calling him Tiny Tim. :)

    And I don't know what this girl is...Red Sexlink? She was supposed to be a Buff Orpington - her name is Phoenix.


    What do y'all think? I am a 1st timer. 3 of them came from TSC and the 2 black ones came from my neighbor.
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    I think you're right on all your breed guesses. From your description the cockerel could be a bantam cochin.

    On the black ones, they could be ACs. But I think they're both females. Males usually have a more developed comb than they do by three months of age.
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    agree with Pyxis
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  4. Krissyt23

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    Jan 13, 2013
    Saint Albans, WV

    Thanks y'all! Hopefully we do only have one cockerel. I've not agreed with my neighbor telling me one of the black ones is a male but she kept insisting. Neither have any comb, so to speak. The smaller one is a week younger but still doesn't present signs of being a male.
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