Almost free rangers-- do they need supplementation?

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    We have three chickens that live in our fenced in garden area (for their protection, our dogs aren't to be trusted). It is 20' x 90', mostly garden dirt but with grass they nip at through the chain link fence. There are standing raspberry bushes and we also left the corn stalks standing, to provide them protection from predatory birds, for the winter. We feed organic layer pellets, and bring them a handful of whole wheat kernels when ever we go out to see them (we get buckets for free!). We also bring them greens, squash, and other things when we have extras, which they love.

    Do they need anything else? I'm especially wondering about calcium. They have been laying for just over a month and are doing very well, but I don't want to compromise their health by not giving it if they need it.
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    first of all [​IMG] I believe the layer pellets will give them the required calcium they need. If you are worried what you can do is crush up the egg shells to little tiny head of a pin sized bits and feed them back to your chickens. sounds like you have it going with every thing else. OH and BOSS is an excellent treat for them. Black Oil Sunflower Seed. has lots of nutrition and good oils they will scarf it down.

    Dont forget chickens eat bugs and stuff and you can feed them leftovers from the table like steak and chicken and fish(as long as they arent too salty). Some people use sardines as a calcium source only once a week though pretty rich. And meal worms.



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