Almost lost 3 chickens to dogs : ( Just venting


9 Years
Apr 11, 2011
So my dog has always been fine with my chickens...She likes to hide under their coop and watch what they are doing..I looked out the kitchen window one day and she had one by the tail feathers and was shaking the crap out of it. I ran outside screaming and she let go of it and hid under the coop. I thought for sure the chicken was dead. I picked her up and she seemed quite shocked. She just layed there and looked around. I searched her over and found just a small pin hole scratch on her leg which was scabbed over with dry blood in seconds. I held her for a few minutes to make sure she was okay and then put her back in the coop. She was fine. After that, the dog was not allowed outside while the chickens were out...well the kids were outside playing and my 2 year old comes in the house and doesnt shut the door so out runs the dog to the chickens and gets another one. I ran out right after her and it was like I wasnt even there. She ignored me and grabbed another by the tail feathers..She didnt hurt this one, just scared it. It seems as though shes trying to play with them, not hurt them. She is a lab/pointer mix so it seems that if she wanted to hurt them she would. I think she just gets excited about their wings flapping (she is only 6 months old). SOOO my brother was here over the weekend with his huge lab and my nephew didnt know any better and let the chickens out of their coop with ALL 3 dogs out (we were in the back yard at the fire pit). Well then my niece comes running in to me and says that rhody got one of the chickens and they think shes dead. I run outside to find my daughter sitting in the yard holding yet a different chicken and she looks dead. I scoop her up and realize shes not dead but seems as though she is almost dead. I check her over and realize that she lost most of her tail feathers and was soaking wet and muddy. Once I looked a little closer, I realized she was bleeding where most of her feathers got ripped out so I take her and put her with a blanket in my dog kennel. She just laid there. I thought for sure she would die. Then it started raining so we took her in my bedroom and dried her off as best we could and put her in front of the heater. She seemed to love it. I checked on her every half hour or so and she seemed like she was gonna be fine. She ended up sleeping in my room all night in the kennel until I woke up and realized she had JUST pooped and the smell was so bad I had to take her back outside haha. She lived thankfully and the rest of the birds welcomed her back after being gone for a night. We now have decided to put a lock with a key on the coop while my nephew is here since after two times of being told not to let the chickens out, he still didnt get it.
Our dogs (Standard Schnauzers - hunting dogs) used to do that. We trained them by putting them on a leash, walking out to a coop, and pulling on the leash (harshly but not enough to choke them) everytime they looked at a chicken. After that they got the message.
OH MY. Glad the chickens survived. The last one sounded like she was in shock for a while. It's hard to train kids and dogs. I was a little surprised that the chickens wanted to go out in the yard with 3 dogs.
Shes fine when I am out there with her...We are planning on building a run but ran out of money and my husband got laid off so we have NO chicken wire lol.
scratch'n'peck :

OH MY. Glad the chickens survived. The last one sounded like she was in shock for a while. It's hard to train kids and dogs. I was a little surprised that the chickens wanted to go out in the yard with 3 dogs.

Well I have two dogs and they are used to them. The dogs are always out there when I am out there...the problem is when I am not there...the chickens go out and the dogs come in. I def think she was in shock for quite a while but so happy she snapped out of it and was okay.​
Got majorly stressed out reading this. Those poor birds........

I would keep a very close eye on the one attacked most recently to be sure injuries are not worse than they appear.

It would be good if you had some kind of double barrier between dogs and birds so that if there is another breach at either end, there is another barrier preventing terror and pain for the birds.

My dog has always been FINE with the chickens. Pretty much ignores them. HOWEVER, I've recently put the young (5-7 wk old) chicks out side in a crate. My dog LOVES to charge the crate and watch them scatter and scream.... I think she thinks they are just squeaky toys! I will have to wait till they look and act like regular chickens before I trust her with them...
My dog is fine when I am outside but goes and "plays" with them when I'm not home, too bad he's technically my parents dog because he would have been either dead or gone the first time he attacked one. Make sure you keep your dog away from them or get rid of it, once a dog starts I've never been able to stop them and I've heard the same thing from many others on here.

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