Am I a boy or girl?


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Feb 25, 2011
Sooooooo....been happily watching my daughter's chicks grow the past few weeks. Luckily, we didn't lose any of them and they are all doing great!

However, her barred plymouth rock seems to be developing it's comb faster then all the others. All our chicks were supposed to be female so I'm wondering if a male sneaked in there on us. Might be way too early to tell but I thought I would give it a shot! She/he/it is about 2 weeks old....(depending on how old it was when it shipped- We have had it for two probably more like 2 1/2 weeks..)



Thanks for looking!
I am going with male at this point. If the comb starts to get redder then you'll know for sure.
That is terrible news!!! I bought two barred rocks this year as well one has splayed legs that aren't correcting despite my best efforts, the other one is developing a comb just like yours. I was just looking at it last night and wondering if br's just develop a little comb faster than other chicks.

At what age can we (I) know for sure that it is a roo?
We got one of those sneaky roos in a batch of pullets last year as well. From the beginning, we noticed "she" was a bit larger and had thicker legs than the others.
he also looks very light. The males are lighter in color than the females. When picking out BR's if you want a girl pick the darkest color and smallest headspot. This last year out of 9 barred rocks I ended up with 5 boys til I learned to spot the difference. The first set of 6 I didnt know the differences and ended up with 5 boys the next set of 3 that I picked out were all girls cause by then I new how to tell them apart.
This really is getting me down! Between the splayed legs and the roo, I just emailed my dissatisfaction with my order to My Pet Chicken.

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