Am I ready for eggs? Homemade Incubator pics


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Well, I've got my homemade incubator up and going. It's holding steady at 100 degrees with 41% humidity. What do you think... am I ready for eggs? (Ignore the golf balls, just threw those in for the

Supplies for homemade incubator:
1 10 gallon aquarium
fish rock to cover bottom and help hold heat
1 personal size fan (purchased at wal-mart for $6)
Hardware cloth folded to box like shape
lamp with clip (that we removed) with a 30 w soft white bulb (bulb is about size of golf ball)
pyrex bowl for water
leftover pink fanfold "styrofoam" from when we sided our house a couple years ago

I took the egg cartons and glued pvc pipe to the bottom. There is a small hole in the top of the pink covering of the incubator where I can use a small dowel rod to rotate the egg cartons from side to side. There is also about a 1 inch opening in the top covering of the incubator so it doesn't get too hot and lets fresh air in.



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I just made one as well, and I have to tell are going to NEED a thermostat!! I was up for 2 nights straight and glued to it for 3 days straight hovering over it because the temp changes within the house effect the inside temp of the bator, then when i put real eggs in it >it held temps for nearly 48 hours prior< it changed how the temp and humidity fluxuated. I'm waiting on a temp controlled timer type thing that you plug the heat source into and it cuts off and on when the temps go to or below the settings. The one i found is for reptile keeping, i will NOT even entertain the thought of more eggs till i get that incorporated into it.

Good luck to you and your endeavor!!
I am thinking about buying one from Tractor Supply. The turner and incubator comes to about $85. Does anyone know if these work well, or not? I don't think I have the energy to make my own...
I do have a big broody BLRW hen, but I don't know how long she'll stay broody. She's been sitting for over a month, now. I have six turkey eggs coming in next week and I don't know if they're too big for the incubator or the broody.
Sounds good. Add the fan though. You will be very thankful that you did.

And the homemade incubator looks good. Let us know how it does.
I've ordered eggs from a fellow BYC'er and will also be getting a few local eggs from my daughter's teacher. Will be filling the incubator on Wednesday or Thursday.

I've had the incubator on all day and the temp stay right at 100 with 40% humidity. I will start a new topic when I fill the incubator, so those interested in my very first hatch attempt can follow along.

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