Amaizing healing abilities of chickens! *graphic pics*

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Background: I fence-less free range birds, have always done so and always will here at home. Thus, I accept predator losses and attacks. Luckily, our acreage is landlocked by city so we don't really have bad pred problems.

Issue: First time in like 13 years of having chickens, we had a dog attack

Result: One dead 7 year old sexlink, one injured sexlink... ALL leghorns were flighty enough and on their toes to escape any damage!

Now the series of healing:

Day 0:

Day 7:

Day 21:

Chicken came up to the house after the attack instead of going to the coop with the rest.

Brought her in and rinsed the wound with only warm water. No soap, antiseptic, peroxide or other junk.

Packed wound with neosporin, covered it with a bandaid/vet wrap around her entire body mid section. Kept her in a box with only enough room to stand and turn around one body length. In other words, we kept her pretty much immobile. Changed bandages every 3 days and re-packed with neosporin.

She got only clean water with nothing added. No vitamins, sugar, antibiotics or electrolites. Only fresh tap water replaced once a day

She was kept in the dark for 20 hours a day and fed about a quarter cup of layer ration when the lights were turned on. No treats or "holistic foods".

Today is 3.5 weeks after the attack and the wound is covered with feathers/pin feathers. She took a dirt bath and fought the other chickens for her rank. She is now top chicken with a bloody comb and respect from the rest.

She is officially an untouchable, so in other words, won't be culled out with her cohorts next fall, and has been dubbed with a name of Einstein!

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