Ameracauna color/variety


Sep 4, 2019
I wouldn’t say this is 100% because some hatcheries do sell Easter Eggers separately as well as selling actual Ameracaunas. Meyer Hatchery is one. Often though the hatcheries will falsely advertise them as Ameracauna or Araucana and if they don’t also sell Easter Eggers separately then it’s pretty certain they’re Easter Eggers. Especially if they claim that they can be any color or lay green eggs. Usually they will also spell it wrong too like Americana.

I will say though that most hatcheries are indeed selling Easter Eggers and all feed stores are it’s probably safer to just assume that and steer clear but just wanted to point out that some hatcheries do sell actual Ameracaunas.

But Ameracaunas also only come in certain color varieties so if they don’t specify what color they are or they’re all just thrown together then that’s a pretty good bet too.

You would like likely be better off just buying from a reputable breeder.
Will do next time.

Your birds are very nice EEs, and will probably lay many more eggs than show quality Ameracaunas ever would. Enjoy them!
You can google the Ameracauna breed club, and see pictures of the color varieties within the breed. NONE of them have green legs!
I've had both the purebreds, and EES, and actually much prefer the latter. Interesting colors, and better egg production.
Thank you! I have been enjoying them to. They have very good personalities and I love them as much as any purebred chicken.

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