Ameracauna or Easter Egger?

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    Can someone tell me what miss Jade really is? I was told Ameracauna when I got her at 4 weeks and just assumed she was really an EE but I read that black ameracunas can have black legs and that is what she seems to have. I don't care either way. She is about 23-24 weeks and I have not gotten any eggs from her yet.[​IMG]
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Where did you get her? She actually looks like a true Black Ameraucana. If she lays blue eggs, she's an Ameraucana. If the eggs are green, she's still technically an Easter Egger.
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    Well, I thought yours had slate legs and was about to agree with Wyandottes7 until I blew up the pic. They appear greenish under the black, which means she'll have yellow skin. That look happens when you have slate overlay yellow skin, giving the legs a greenish cast. Ameraucanas have white skin, not yellow, so they should never have that greenish cast to them that I think I see in your photo.

    Here is my 7 year old black Ameraucana, Gypsy, from breeder and show stock, slate legs:

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    X3 on Easter Egger pullet.

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