Ameracaunas at the feed store?

The Chicken People

10 Years
May 4, 2009
Smithville, Mo
I asked if they were true Ameracaunas or EEs and was told they came from Estes Hatchery and are Ameracaunas...I hope so! I also want to buy some of their bantam cochins...they have some pretty colors! Chick days are fun!
I'm pretty sure they'll be EEs. Most hatcheries will assure you that they have 'true Ameraucanas' know, the ones that lay all different colored eggs.
Check Estes hatchery's website, most hatcheries will have a disclaimer on them saying they are 'purebred' but not recommended for showing.
Thanks for the "heads up". I don't plan on buying any more feed store chickies. Those were my first chickens. I guess I got lucky. I have been trying to aquire birds from breeders lately. I have got several hatching eggs from fellow BYCers in the incubator now!

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