11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
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Ok, so here's the whole story. On our first incubation, it yielded a male that we kept that had a mother who was an ameraucana and a father who was a RIR. Then this year, when he was grown up (we named him Oprah, thinking he was a big, outgoing female), we mated him with pure RIR's and Buff's. So, as a result we have thse different crosses:

Ameraucana/ RIR
Ameraucana/ RIR/ Buff

It's amazing because out of the 6 we got, they all look different. But the buff crosses seem to not have the two stripes down their backs as chicks. My brother and I are expectantly waiting to see the varied results of thses crosses. They are a week old, and one has strikingly beautiful green legs, while others have different stripes of white and black on their newly growing adult feathers.

Any insight on what they may look like?

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