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Mar 14, 2014
I bought 6 Ameraucanas from Tractor Supply Co. As small chicks they all looked generally the same, now there are 3 that look similar but 3 others that look completely different... why is this? are they really Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers? will post pictures soon
They are almost certainly Easter Eggers. Hatcheries sell their easter eggers under the name "Americanas." The only hatchery I know of that carries true Ameraucanas is Meyer and they are very expensive.
They're Easter eggers, and that's why they look so different. Easter eggers are bred pretty much to lay blue or green eggs, not for specific colors like a regular "breed" that has standard colors. One of the reason I love these birds! I get pretty eggs, and pretty hens.....

And lots of other colors besides.
Wow I really like that RedPyle EE hen, its a shame Ameraucanas dont come on such nice colors..
Is that what you'd call her? I just call them blonde lol. I had three, looked pretty much the same...

This girl had a lot more white, the other two were pretty much ringers.

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