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Aug 19, 2009
so my sister bought these as 7 week old chicks, they were unsexed so she/my mom tried to pick ones that looked like females. i think they ended up with 1 roo and 3 pullets, what do you think? they were sold as ameraucanas, but i just want to see what you think, they were from a poultry swap meet, so you never know. dosent matter if they are actually ameraucanas or easter eggers they are just for laying.

1 cockeral, 2 pullets?





pullet? dosent look so ameraucana like to me
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Actually, I think they are pretty impressive. I'm not the Ameraucana expert, anything but one, but the blacks appear to be close to Standard Ameracauna, and the Rooster looks like a young Brown Red Male close to Standard too. The pullet in the pic is the only one that may not be a Standard, not sure what it is. Very pretty birds! Wonder what the eggs will look like!
Yep, they are ameraucanas, but the last pullet I'm not sure about. Your black pullets are beautiful, and that cockerel is nice too! Have fun collecting colored eggs
ooohhh i like that rooster... he's gorgeous...
i would guess the other 3 at girls....
but i'm just figuring this out...
thx for the replies so far!! ive just got my first ameraucanas this spring so i dont know the breed well (i have some laying hens i got at about 18 months). these particular birds are my older sisters, that she and my mom picked out at a chicken swap meet, i raised them for the first 2 months until i build her a run/modified her coop. i think ill trade her some 'eating eggs' from my ameraucanas (they are in with an australorp roo so i cant make pure babies with them) for her nice purebred eggs from this lot, so i can incubate some

i will be "inheriting" this flock of four next spring when she and her husband move away for 1+ years, ill be happy to have them.
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I'm no expert on ameraucanas but I don't think the roo is one (and definitely not the last pullet). I compared his pictures to the ones on the ameraucana breeder site and his coloring doesn't seem to match up right.
Also, in the photos, it looks like he has green legs, which is an EE trait. The two black ones might be? The seem like a lighter build, but that may be because they are still young (how old are they now?). Also, at least one of them has yellow on the bottom of her feet (not sure if that means EE or if an ameraucana can have that color feet?).

Whatever they are, they sure are pretty - your mom did a good job picking them out.
They are 1 roo and 3 pullets the way it looks... All EEs the one black one has yellow on her pad(EE), and so more than likely the other black will be an EE too even if it doesn't have that variation(esp if they were all sold to you together). But you will still get some really pretty eggs from the girls.

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