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My flock is presently made up of two color variants that are repressented roughly equally in the randomly mated population. First variant is black breasted red (BBR) with second at this time called ginger. In the past the population had two more color patterns; brown red and what may have been redquil. The "redquil" pattern is of particular interest.

Redquil coloration was exhibited in birds most often with ginger siblings as I am guessing the other colorations covered it up. Two differences were noted between ginger and redquil, first with hens the redquil version was lighter and patterns on individual feathers formed a crescent moon shape, and redquil roosters while more similar to ginger brethern , although slightly lighter and had brown body coloration that extended well up into flight and sicle feathers of the tail.

I would like to re-introduce redquil but need to make certain what I am calling ginger and redquil are in fact ginger and redquil.

What I am calling ginger and redquil roosters.

What I am calling ginger and redquil hens. In reality, my ginger hens look intermediate between ginger shown and redquil.

Pictures are not of my birds but are reasonably close approximations.
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Good luck getting replies...
I'm not having much luck with serious inquires. To my rather newbie mind, you are spot on with the redquill and the female is quite a nice example.

As to "ginger" this is something I am trying to get straight. I've had MUCH more luckon the Ultimate fowl forum, and so far this is what I have found out.... People inEurope call birds "ginger" that people in the US call "pumpkin". The bird in my avatar is a Pumpin Hulsey and the UK folks call him "ginger".

I have this little bantam OEG here, that I have been asking around for help on, with not much response.




I'n not sure exactly what you would call that. Still trying to find out, and if his body type is typey at all for a bantam OEG or American Bantam Game.

Are you interested in showing APA? That's what I'm trying to do, with large and bantam fowl, but so far been a long and lonely road!
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Following yellow birchen line the best match with body coloration is with link to following: Birchen/TIGERCLAWGAMEFARM/DSC00828.jpg

The coloration of above sample extends onto tail. With my birds this occured only on redquil. More than one way to get color breeding into tail apparently. Also looks like a wide range of hen colorations match up to a single rooster coloration.
The thing with Yellow Birchen /Gingers is some Yellow Birchen/ Gingers come dark very similar to the Redquills.

What is colortype or allele that takes into account whether or not saddle coloration extends onto tail as with redquills or yellow birchens? The "yellow birchens" I have the color does not leak into tail.
the rooster and hen on the left hand sides that you are calling gingers are actually brown breasted brown reds. the redquills you have are redquills but slightly modified it looks like by the hens.

one of my redquill hens for comparison

will post more later today.
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