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Apr 17, 2017
I see you all turned in early so you can get up early and get those bargains...

Here’s a little Christmas tune to get things started ;)
That calls for some Christmas music

Every year I post this and Its about that time again.
This one is not for everyone, but it always makes me laugh...

Lol, maybe wash your ears out with this one... there’s even a puppy in the video

As if this one wasn't disturbing enough. . someone made a creepy cartoon :lau
Everyone done with their Christmas shopping?
It can be hard finding gifts for everyone, so maybe these will help:D

Where to shop? Kmart of course 1:46
Johnny Fan? 5:05
Brahma might enjoy some cookies 7:10
Ehh..the excitement and mystery! LOL 7:40
Car guys 10:26
Need a new camera? 11:44
"Classic" who doesn't need a Bud every now and then? 17:02
For those who lean toward the creepy 29:13
Caffine addicts 38:08
If you just don't know what to get - this will do! 43:48
Yep (at least a commercial or 2) for those that seem to like NOPES 41:21 and 45:11
Gotta love the little dots though:) 44:16


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