American Lavender Goose Eggs - Colorado


13 Years
Apr 18, 2007
This auction will be for 2 eggs. We have two pair for Holderread Farms. The geese are laying like crazy and we already have one incubator full of our various breeds eggs.

We always try to send the freshest eggs possible, bubble wrap each egg and package with great care to ensure that the eggs have the best possible chance to hatch. We cannot be responsible for the post office handling of the package once it leaves our hands or the customers incubation process.

Local pickup is welcome. We will be happy to answer additional questions.

We also will have Giant Dewlap African, Sebastopols (Blue, Buff, White), Shetlands, and Buff American Geese that are laying or will be soon if their is any interest please PM us.
Is two eggs the most you can send of these at one time? I'd love to get some more americans, but two eggs is kind of risky
We only have the two pair. I only listed two since I like to send eggs that are no older than 2 day at shipping. Both females are currently laying so it could be possible to send more, however that means the eggs would be a little older. If you would like more and are willing for the eggs to be a little older than 2 days at shipping, I will see what I can do.
I have no problems with the eggs being older, I've gotten goose eggs as old as 6 days when sent that did okay. How much is your regular price on them? I'm waiting on payment for some quail eggs someone bought off me, but should be able to buy some of your goose eggs afterwards
The Shetlands are also from Holderreads, however they are not laying yet. They are two years old this year. I did not get one egg from them last year so I am biting my nails because all the other geese have started laying. We have 3 males and 5 females Shetlands so whats up with that.

Friend2Fowl - Please pm me with how many eggs you would like and your zip and I can get you a dollar amount.

Greenfamilyfarms - Ha. I never even looked at it that way. I was just glad to get them all in one picture.

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