Americanas, buffs, and barred rocks. Bad mix?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by savannahg424, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. savannahg424

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    Americanas, buff orpingtons, and barred rocks are the three breeds of chickens I have ordered from my local feed store. I am also looking I get some wyandottes if they come in. I am curious on how barred rocks have done in a flock of docile by nature chickens. I am a newbie and my gut is telling me that the rocks will beat up on the rest of the girls. I have five ordered of the buffs and of the Americanas. Three of the rocks. Thanks everyone!
  2. Laci7210

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    Apr 30, 2013
    I have all of those breeds and they do fine together. The ameraucanas aren't with the rest not because of fighting but because they are a separate flock, (my cackle hatchery flock). The buffs are defiantly flighty and not gentle and aren't the boss. I never see any fighting going on, probably because there's only 1 rooster per cage. My ameraucanas aren't afraid of me, probably cause I have raised them from chicks. The rocks don't even bother my silver laced cochin who broke her leg when she was a chick so now she hops but nobody picks on her. To answer your question, I don't think they will fight, especially since they will be raised together. Have fun with your chicks!!
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    I guess I didn't have any Orpingtons when this pic was taken, but you can see the other breeds and mixes. Rocks aren't mean birds in my experience, and they've been the basis of my flock for years. Some folks say the Oprs get beat up on cause they're too docile--that's not been my experience with them. If you have plenty of space, everyone should do okay. Yes, someone's got to be the omega in each flock, but it shouldn't be a harsh life.
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    IME you can mix pretty much anything as long as there is enough space. I've been mixing large breed laying hens, meat birds, banties, all sizes of ducks, etc into one flock & have never had any issues. I've had a few breeds that were supposed to be bullies but they never caused any issues...if they decided to charge someone that hen would just go forage in a different part of the yard with her buddies. I don't generally handle my birds (except for health checks) & even the flightiest will come running up to me to see what kitchen scraps I've got. I'm mostly interested in egg production, predator smarts, foraging ability, & having a wide variety of breeds because I like the way a mixed flock looks. (Disclaimer: I've never done Polish because they just look like they'd be a buffet to predators to me & I don't want to train the hawks in the area that chickens are easy picking (they stick to the squirrels now).)

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