Americaunas ? EEs ? Beautiful Chicks. PICS


9 Years
Aug 11, 2010
I raise game birds and Coturnix quail but my DW has expressed great interest in eating quail eggs and wanted a few hens. I went onto Ebay and ordered 12 Americauna hatching eggs for 4.99 plus 10 or 12 bucks for shipping all the way from California. She sent (dirtgirl824) 12+1 beautiful blue EGGS AND 6 HATCHED AND THEY ARE GORGEOUS CHICKS. If I knew they were this good looking I would have done this before. Don't care if they are EEs or Americauna, ( I know the arguments, read them on the forums) but I don't have experience with anything other than game birds. Any information would be appreciated.








Update Spring 2011. This is what they look like now.



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Easter Eggers.

Either way though, if you like em, then it's all fine.
Just a note though for future reference - NEVER trust Ebay auctions of Ameraucana hatching eggs. . .
Adorable is what they are! You will love them. EE are always fun because you never know exactly what they will feather out to look like.
I had a similar thing happen with a local breeder - thought I was getting Ameracauna's (his suggestion) but got EE's. Love them. They are super friendly, really pretty and good layers. My Violet looked just like one of yours in the pics and she's beautiful. As long as you want pretty blue & green eggs and friendly hens - EE's are fantastic. Our EE girls jump on our laps and love to be pet.
Here's mine all grown up (or close to it - they've feathered out quite a bit more since these pics 2 months ago):

They are EE's. My EE is extremely friendly, and will fly up onto my arm to be the first to get treats. She was also my best layer during winter last year. And just so you know ahead of time, EE's can lay any color egg from blue or green to brown. Just so you are not expecting them all to lay blue eggs.
You'll never pay 4.99 for a dozen Ameraucana eggs.

They look just like my EE chicks. Ain't nothing wrong with EE's, the colours are fantastic! Congrats on the new additions

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