Americuana laid 6 eggs in the summer and stopped


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Hi all, we have a lovely healthy americuana girl. Born end of March 2012. Our leghorn and silver laced wyndotte laid at 16-18 weeks. Our barred rock laid at about 22 weeks. Our buff brahma still hasn't laid (which I'm hoping is because of her breed, and she'll start next spring). But the americuana is strange. She laid 6 nice green eggs at about 19 weeks old in August. She laid the first in the nesting box like the others. Then after a week we didn't see any others, so we looked down in the coop. She had made a nest on the floor, and had 5 more in there. So I took them in and enjoyed them. After that she didn't lay any others. Like she is offended that we took her eggs. There is nowhere else she could be laying them. We check every week in the hopes that there is something there. Now that it is dark, we've given up for this year. She is shiny and friendly and active, so no health concerns. Any ideas? Thanks!
Hmmm... They usually lay through their first year despite the lack of light. If she was laying on the floor, is it possible they could have been stepped on and eaten by the others?

If she is laying, and the eggs are somehow disappearing, putting golf balls or fake eggs in the nest box may encourage her to lay in the appropriate place.
Same thing happened to mine! I was just coming to the forum to post about it and thought I would scan first to see if others had the same problem.

My Easter Egger, hatched April 9th, laid her first pretty green egg on October 2. She laid 5 eggs through Oct 12th and stopped! There has been NOTHING since! Meanwhile, her 3 flockmates lay 1-3 a day without fail. The less light hasn't slowed them down at all. They are super healthy, very spoiled and happy, no one picks on each other or anything.

I don't get it?!
Wow...I jumped on as well because we had the same problem...we have 18 hens, born end of March...last month, October we started receiving eggs from our hens...we have one Americuana and she layed about a dozen eggs...then these last 4 weeks or so their are no more green/blue eggs...not hidden anywhere...just no more eggs...we are getting about 5 or 6 eggs each day...but shouldn't we be getting more eggs than that by now? 18 hens and one rooster...we had 2 other roosters that were aggressive so we gave them to a fighting in our pen, they free range about 4 hours a day...even when they stay in the pen no more than 5 or 6 eggs a day....?
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