An egg for seven days in a row?

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    I have a salmon faverolle hen that just started laying last week. She layed an egg then the next day did not. since then every day we have found an egg in the same laying box, that looks the exact same size, shape and color. Which makes seven consecutive days with an egg! Favorelles are suppose to be a 4 egg a week chicken but my hen is blowing me out of the water.
    I am new to the chicken scene and am interested to know is this common for new laying hens to start gangbusters. Do i just have a champion hen or do i have another hen that has decided to trick me and lay in the same box, and whose eggs are that identical? i have a blue barred hen that is about the same age but i have never seen her in the boxes and doubt her eggs would look this similar.
    Enlighten me BYC experts. I am interested to hear what you say.



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    Pullets will lay the best in their first year. After 2 years they start to slow down in production. I have some 4 year old hens that haven't laid an egg since early summer, some that are laying a couple eggs a week, and some that are still giving 5 eggs a week. (not including their molting time) So it does vary individually as well.
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    x 2 HappyChooks I have a four year old NH laying 4-5 eggs aweek and a couple of 2 year old hens laying nothing right now....first year is the best for eggs....

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