Sep 30, 2020
So almost a month ago my rooster was acting very sick. He wouldnt eat or really drink. He was constantly sleepy and he didnt seem to want to lay down. His balance was also pretty off. After about a week of me putting water on his beak and mixing it with wet chicken seed he finally started to walk around again. He also began drinking and eating by himself. I noticed he had a few small white bugs around his eyes. They were very tiny and i assumed that they might've been mites. I sprayed him with this mite killer spray that was safe to put on chickens and I assumed that would kill the things. So now its almost been a month and he still has trouble with his balance and he gets startled pretty easily. He also gets confused and will walk around funny. He eats and drinks fine so thats not a problem anymore but I noticed that he still has those tiny white bugs around his eyes. I sprayed him pretty well this time with the mite killer and i put some mite powder stuff that kills them around where he sleeps . If anybody knows why he has bad balance and why he seems confused a lot please share. Could this be a vitamin deficiency, after effects of the disease he went through a month ago, or something else?


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Apr 3, 2011
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It sounds like he has been dealing with lice. Do you see tiny beige bugs on his skin? Are their white clumps at the base of feathers? What is the active ingreient in the mite spray and powder that you have been using? Permethrin is a very good spray or dust to use to kill bith lice and mites. They need to be treated every 7-10 days at least 2-3 times, along with emptying the coop bedding, and spraying the coop, roosts, and nest boxes before adding new bedding. If you use straw, it can sometimes harbor mites.

As for his balance issues, it could be early signs of Mareks disease, dehydration, vitamin deficiency, or other issues. How old is he, and what does he eat? Is he around other chickens? I would try giving him some vitamins including vitamin E and B complex that has all b vitamins. What do his poops look like?

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