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    May 7, 2007
    Having lived in Anchorage for ten years (been away for five) my friend thinks I should know about muni codes for keeping chickens and goats. Those were prechicken days and I really haven't got a clue. I have searched through the muni code website and can find nothing definative. What can y'all tell us about how chickens and goats are tolerated? I remember seeing some chickens free ranging up off upper Huffman and had freinds with llamas in Bear Valley but what about somewhere besides the hillside?
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    I read a story in the news paper ( last spring. If I recall correctly your allowed a couple of hens but no roosters in city limits. The storie was about trying to change the current ordinance so maybe things have changed by now. They also said under the current ordinance any type of animal housing other than a dog house was not allowed. So technically chicken coops and even outdoor rabbit hutches were not allowed.
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    Quote:this is really helpful but do you know how many hens are allowed?
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    Sorry I read the article almost a year ago. I recall they mentioned the noise ordinance as why you couldn't keep roosters. They also mentioned how far from property lines your "dog" house had to be.

    Edited to add has anchorage municipal codes, follow the link to animal control then on the right side their is a PDF that contains the current animal ordinances. The only place poultry is mentioned is in the prohabition of fighting animals and there it's only illegal to own the device that attaches to a roosters spurs.
    They could probably fine you under the noise ordinance if your birds are crowing and a neighbor complains, they could also fine you for odor if a neighbor complains.
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    So spring is here and I'm just getting going on planning a coop. At first I figured my neighbors all seem pretty cool so I'll just hope for the best, but when I started to see how much this is really going to cost me I changed my mind and wanted to know local codes a bit more too.

    Here is a link to the news article from a couple years ago-

    Here are Muni codes-

    Referring to and Table 21.05-4
    It sounds like Anchorage is legal for chicken coops outside of R4 and R4A zoning. My yard is good for 15. No roosters though, and of course subject to noise and covenants, but fortunately my covenants permit them.

    I'm far from a lawyer, but that's how I'm reading things. Hooray.

    Feb. 2011 Edit- So it seems the muni codes are up for review and the sections listed may no longer exist. No idea what this means.
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