Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs


7 Years
Feb 5, 2012
One dozen (+) Ancona duck eggs for $20 plus shipping. I also love to swap eggs - let me know what you have! Paypal only please!
My ducks finally hatched (I swear it felt like it took forever) but so worth it these little guys are my kids/daycare kids favorite things they all flock around the brooder and oh and awe thanks so much!! Even my husband things they're adorable!! We ended up with 6 that hatched and are alive and well 2 that hatched and died and 1 that pipped and died due to my idiotic cat knocking over my entire incubator (which is probably what caused the other 2 deaths too
) so for shipped eggs I think that a (should have been) hatching of 9 eggs is pretty good thanks so much for packing them so well so we could enjoy these little boogers!!!!!

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