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Early this year I rescued this pathetic little creature, had been living in a cage since he was born, peeing all over himself, poor skin, poor coat, wormy... just awful. Fixed him and re-homed him, though he was too young to neuter.

The girl that took him lost her apartment, and so he's back. Any dog I rescue and re-home leaves with the condition that they're to come back if the new owner can't keep them.

So meet... "Vladamir Von Underdog"... not a name I would choose.. but whatever.



These are from when he was 9 weeks old... but he really hasn't changed much. I think he gained 5 pounds and kept the same face. He's 1/2 Boston Terrier, 1/4 Chihuahua, 1/4 Rat terrier.

Lot's of things to fix... first is a neuter, he marks everything. Got the couch once, shouldn't happen again, he wants to please, and I caught him in the act. But I don't let him out of eye sight just in case.

He's dog aggressive, so there's some rehabilitation going on there. Logan is wonderful for that. Waiting for Ricca since she's a heck of a lot more dominant.

He barks... A LOT. Yappy little thing, but he's getting better. He barked at the neighbor this morning, charged across the street. So I took him the rest of the way to meet her, and she's great for a training aid too, told him no about barking. He acted confused when he had to go meet the stranger, and confused again when she told him No and pointed a finger at him. LOL, progress already.

He's spoiled, very much so. Small dog syndrome. No holding, no cuddling, until he grasps what it's like to be a "real dog". I think that will then in turn help with his insecurities and his dog aggression. Logan just sits and stares at him when he starts to growl. I correct him as soon as I hear a growl in the throat, and he's made progress there, switched to whining and looking away from Logan. So then he needs to learn to acknowledge Logan, then accept him, and that's all done. Then repeat with about 500 other dogs, and he'll be social again.

Long road ahead on this one. I have to get a vet's opinion when he goes in for shots to see what's happened with his leg. He won't use it much, it's obviously an old break, that healed crooked.

So basically he's an 8 pound, gimped up, yappy, pathetic little thing requiring some immediate money going into him. Perhaps I'll keep him if Ricca doesn't decide to eat him for being yappy/snappy. I'll do an introduction between them later. Didn't do it last night, didn't want to overwhelm him, and it was dark out so I wouldn't have been able to watch body language.
It's takes alot of work, time, patience to bring them around but you can do it. All 4 of our dogs are rescues. Our latest was the hardest to bring around. Lucky is a Pit Bull mix that was chained to the door of the Craven County animal shelter (who ever had her should have been shot but at least somebody had some common sense). The chain she was tied with had grown into her neck and had to be cut out, she had zero dog pack skills, very scared and wary of humans. I never would have thought she could make such a turn around but she has. Some people have "little bundles of joy" now we have a "little bundle of teeth" lol

Steve in NC
Well I introduced him to the girl Shepherd and he never got a chance to snap at her since she's decided she's in LOVE with him. LOL... he has his intact little man bits and since Ricca has always been a flirt (even after being spayed) he's just totally accepted by her.

So now I can have all 3 dogs together, took about 4 hours out of the morning, but they're sane now. The little one isn't yapping as bad, and he hasn't snapped at anyone since last night when he first met Logan.

He's exhausted too, so I trimmed his disgustingly long nails while he sleeping. 6 more weekly trims, one every 3-4 days, and he should be presentable.

I don't think he's aggressive, I think he's just insecure and gets snappy from that. A quick rebuild of his confidence and it should be a thing of the past.

He's young, 10 months, so that's good. Logan became confident after about a month, and he had an awful start. 2 dog attacks to the face, one still needs some cosmetic surgery (waiting for his neuter to do it while he's already out, lower eyelid needs stitched back up where it goes), then he had Parvo, then he almost OD'd on sleeping pills he CLIMBED to get, not to mention the worms, fleas, and all manner else that "breeder" didn't see to. He was anemic when I got him!

Several years ago we took in a dog with a chain embedded into the neck, that's not pretty!! Half the neck had chain in it. They dropped the dog at the park our property lines up with. We've only bought German Shepherds and Italian Greyhound show dogs, but there's a good 15 dogs that have come through here from that park. We kept the chain-neck dog Moe, lab/dane mix we think, and Cody, Shepherd mix, Bandit, vicious doberman that ultimately had to be put down, and a couple others who's names I can't recall.

This little one was a "free to good home" word of mouth thing. I don't know why everyone thinks of me when they have/heard about an animal in need. My inlaws have two others that came from me, a Boston Terrier/Beagle mix (looks just like this little one but is black and 10 pounds heavier) and a Boxer mix that originally came off death row at the pound but wasn't potty trained, chewed everything, had been returned to the pound some 4 times. Lot of work went into her!
That is great that you are willing to take in the stray dogs, work with them and then rehome them. What a wonderful thing you do! This little guy is adorable.
That's great they are mixing in, I think the dog pack idea really helps them.

I think it's great to be able to give them a 2nd chance, they need it soooooooo bad! This is Lucky, one lucky dog.


You can still sort of see the scar under her collar and yes she is laid up on the bed. lol


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