And so the build begins.....


10 Years
Mar 22, 2013
Fresno, CA
6 Tiny Chickens. Quarter acre lot. Surrounded by half a million people and climbing. = An Urban Cali Coop

Although it is still being thrown together, I basically used The Tangled Nest's coop design and am modifying it to better fit my wants. Bear in mind I'm a girl who only discovered power tools in the last year or so. Who knew an impact driver was so much fun?

Wants: Exterior nest boxes. Easy human access. "bombproof" chicken jail for when I have to be away from home for longer periods. green roof. thermal efficiency. and pretty.

So First came the "legs"..... Then some framing (with help from the neighbors)...... then some external nest boxes........

And that got me through last week..... More photos to come........


Kat, it looks like you are off to a great start. Impressive for only working with power tools during the past year! Keep in mind that the structure will stiffen up a lot when you put your siding on. Just be sure to fasten it every 8" or so to your frame. Just finished painting my new coop last week! It was my first coop too. On a 1-acre lot in Montana. Still need to complete the run for our 13 month-old chicks!

Sorry, that is 1-month old chicks, not 13-months old! Saw your last post, you are really coming along! I lived in Sacramento for five years, would have liked to have chickens there but my wife at the time would have none of that, along with my neighbors!
Had two hours around lunch to tinker with the coop. Got the other half of the roof plywood cut and installed. Also got hardibacker installed over the existing plywood floor. Next comes finishing the exterior siding and then insulation! Must.....keep...... going.....

Tiny Chicken Building Inspectors want to see your permit, lady!

TCBI says "You are NOT up to code, lucky for you we're on a break".
So glad to see a girl building a coop by herself! Gives me confidence to do mine. I had someone help me out with my first coop amd I hate it :( I gave him plans and it turned out nothing like what I wanted... But you can't complain to the "free" help
Looks good! the only problem i see is the size of the run. You do plan on letting them out right? Thats hardly enough space for them to stretch their legs..

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