And the addiction continues...


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Knoxville, TN
I already have 20 gorgeous 8-week old chicks, 6 roos and 14 hens (all bought straight run). I have ee's, sex-links, blrw's, bantam cochins, silkies and a rir. You would think that would be enough for a 1/3 acre subdivision lot, right? RIGHT?!?

DH and I started talking about moving our roo's up to our land (5 acres a few miles away from our house) since we have tons of chain link panels, goat fencing, etc. Then the wheels started turning... If we put the roos up there why not our LF hens? and Wouldn't it be nice to have some dark brown egg layers? So after a lengthy roadtrip yesterday I came home with: 3 welsummers, 2 marans, 2 australorps, and two white frizzle cochins.

The lady I bought them from is on byc occassionally but I can't rememer her username. She has an amazing 5-acre farm with goats, chickens, turkey, guineas, pigs and I think a cow or two. Also tons of veggie and fruit plants/trees. It was amazing for me to see what I could eventually do with my land.

Anyway, so we have gone from 20 to 29 chicks now and I want to say that's it but this chicken addiction is baaaaad!
Howdy neighbor!!!

I know what you mean. I started out with 6 little chickens. Don't ask me how many I have now. Somewhere around 50 I think. LOL Of course we have ducks and a goose too! LOL

Life is good though! Enjoy!

I wish someone could convince my DH of this!

I have 57 and my DH is just happy cuz they make me so happy!!!
that guy!! Just tell him they make you sooooo happy and give hime a big ol hug!!!!
There was a mixup with my order at Cackle so I have 15 more babies to be delivered June 22, next week!!!
Same here, my DH likes them because I love them! Just found out today that I'm getting the whole batch of 9 chicks from my daughter's primary class incubation. Yippee!!

I only have 28 babies now, but my husband says he wants to build my coop for a 100 to "plan for the future." I told him he's just going to have to build more than one coop. There's only six in our family, we can't eat that many eggs. But yeah, the bug sure got us bad.

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