And this is how my order from Meyer Hatchery turned out


10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
This spring I ordered chicks by mail for the very first time.
I chose Meyer's because they have a small order program that includes Express Overnight shipping and heatpacks, etc.
They packed the chicks on Monday but didn't ship until Tuesday, the posty office delayed the shipment one day as well and the heat packs are worthless after about a day or so according to Meyer's phone rep so by the time they shipped the heatpack was already getting cold.
Not surprisingly when the chicks got here that Friday only 3 of the 5 survived.
The other two died that first day.
So we petted and handled the chicks because we wanted them as egg laying pets.
That's also the reason we mail ordered. We can have only hens - no roosters and the local feedstore only carries straight run.
So... I go out today and notice beautiful tail feathers on my 'chick'.
I am really disappointed. Paid all that money for overnight and the chicks still were in transit all week dying.
Didn't even get a refund on the overnight Express shipping because Meyer's refused to file for one with USPS.
And now of the remaining 3 chicks one is a rooster...
They're about 4 months old now.
I'd love to be wrong on that one!
I'll post a picture tomorrow.
It's not an early tail. It's long curved tail feathers versus the straight up tail of the other chicks.
This one is an EE.
tail on an EE doen't make a rooster, unless you have pointy feather at the base of the tail more on the back then the tail. how red is the comb, like the others or very red

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