Anemic hen, currently treating for lice


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In this radiograph you can clearly see her impacted crop and more sand and 'debris' further down. I would have liked to see the wings positioned over her back and away from her abdomen but sometimes doing so will severely stress an ill bird. So long as she is eating, drinking and defecating there is hope. I would add some powdered Exact hand feeding formula to her diet. This has really helped my hens recovering from crop issues. Feed her small amounts of food and monitor her crop to make sure it is emptying. Scrambled egg has worked well for me. I have had several hens with similar problems and I had to be careful of the diet for the rest of their lives. I could not let them eat huge amounts or they would get sour drop. One hen could not eat pellets of any kind so I put her on a quality wild bird seed diet which included millet, oats and sunflower seeds along with limited amounts of clover. She's turning 8 this spring!


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Update: I kept her inside overnight and checked her crop this morning. It has not emptied. So I think we know what the problem is (at least one of them…haven’t gotten the fecal float results back yet).
Is there a way to treat impacted crop that doesn’t involve surgery?
Edit: at this point I’m going to make a separate thread about treating for impacted crop. If anyone has any ideas for that, I would greatly appreciate your input over there. Thank you for all the help!
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After feeling her over, the vet said her crop felt hard and she felt very thin. So her main concern was whether or not her crop is emptying efficiently.

X-ray confirmed that there’s no reproductive issues (she’s not egg bound) and confirmed that her crop looks like it might be impacted. This would explain the weight loss and lack of egg production; if she’s not efficiently digesting food
Here's your other thread.…treatment-for-impacted-crop-lethargy.1498319/

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