Animal Transport Available


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Central Ohio
I will be making a few trips in the near future and can tote animals with me. I can take take smaller ( as in, smaller than a st bernard) animals, of any type. No large animals, as I do not have a trailer. The trip dates are not set in stone, but the following is my tenative schedule. Cost will vary upon what kind of animal and how far. Animals need not ride the whole way, so if you need something moved along this route please feel free to see if I can accomodate your needs.

Jan 19th - Bucyrus, Ohio to Novi, Michigan and back same day

Jan 28th - Bucyrus, Ohio to Ft Laramie, WY and will return immediately probably get back Feb 1st

Feb 11th - Bucyrus, Ohio to NYC, NY
Feb 15th - NYC, NY to Bucyrus, Ohio

Feb 28th - Bucyrus, Ohio to Ft Laramie, WY and back


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Beaver County, PA
What a wonderful offer! I used to be involved with Siamese Rescue in WV and was responsible for a certain leg in the 'train' to move the cats from state to state.

This is a valuable service .... I tried to get a transport for a dog from Mississippi to Pennsylvania a few years ago without success. There are even pilots who will do this but under certain circumstances.

Again, thank you! I hope someone who is looking for help will find it through you!!

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