10 Years
Nov 11, 2011
Ontario Canada
So I lost one of my homing pigeons the end of July. Accidentally startled him when I was feeding. I had knelt down in the run to change water and when I stood up I guess he has gotten behind me and managed to get through the crack in the door. He landed on the ground and I almost had him caught until my bouncy poodle came to sniff him and he flew off like a rocket. I know it was my fault for not pulling the run door shut and I felt and feel terrible. I looked and asked around but I figured he probably flew home to the guy I had bought him from a month earlier. Again kicking myself because I didn't get the guys contact info. I was just so excited to be buying my pigeons finally. Anyways all he had for identification was two unmarked green leg bands that are like zip ties. The previous owner had them on, I planned on removing them. So yesterday my husband sees this ad pop up online and calls me saying someone posted a dove found and it sounds like my pigeon! So I send them a email asking if the green leg bands look like zip ties because its the pigeon I lost. It fits with the ad, the leg bands being unmarked and green and him showing up 40 minutes away at their house in August. I asked if the bands are like a zip tie cause I can't tell in the picture they posted.
So I get a reply hours later not confirming my band description only asking where I am located? Don't get me wrong, I screwed up and I am relieved that he is ok but why post a found ad if you have no intentions of returning the pet?

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