Annoying Neighbors Anyone?


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My weird~o next door neighbor has been caught teasing our german Sheperd Klaus... Today, for some unknown reason, he was on OUR property, and Klaus went after him. Kennedy was on the porch and saw everything! (he didn't see Kennedy) About 5 minutes later he has the audasity to come knocking at my door, and accusing Klaus of being an "Overly Agressive Dog" He said he was in HIS driveway... LIAR! Can you believe the nerve of that Jerk? My husband didn't know at that point the he was in OUR yard, so he told him Klaus would not be out front anymore. Klaus is not overly aggresive! We have repairmen, and even the sheriff was here before, and Klaus is alway friendly! I wanted to tell him, No! Klaus don't take to kindly to Jerks that tease him being in his yard! My hubby wants to get a Beware of dog sign.... I said nope, lets get a no tresspassing sign, and in a few days we'll put up the beware of dog sign. I want him to know that I know he was in my yard! I however, don't want to stir up the hive too bad because, even though I live in the county, I don't have my chickens registered. I don't even know if they have to be registered, and if theres a limit for the county. Don't care to find out this way though!
I told my husband to tell him that your dog isn't overly aggresive....but your wife is! (I take Prozac daily because I have a very low tolarance for stupid people like him!)
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Our weird neighbors spray-painted our junebush trees red and also put a sauger fish in our pond (not entirely sure it was him, but he's the only one I know of who would do it--he did admit to the trees). Luckily, all of our other neighbors are fine so these annoying ones are WAY outnumbered and keep to themselves now.
We had a similar issue. Our neighbor and his gardeners would put their heads over the fence between our yards and get our dogs riled up. One day, our neighbor apparently got them a little too riled up and one of the dogs jumped the fence to say hi! Our neighbor came over and gave us the story that he was just out pruning his lemon tree, minding his own business when the dog jumped over. We were astonished at first but then one of the gardeners told us how his partner and our neighbor would deliberatly get them all excited
. The dog jumping over so easily must have scared our neighbor a little though as it hasn't happened since... I hope he learned to keep himself on his side of the fence!

If you can manage a camera, I would put one up and if you catch him on it taunting your dog, either confront him with it or check with the authorities to see if anything can be done.
i was fired up about it. i really was. and he had the nerve to scream at ME.

if it wasnt for me, Klause would have tore his skinny white butt to peices.
just wait till Mr.Klause gets his shots renewed....jerk wants to come back on OUR land and tease our dogs...HA!
hahahaha cant wait to see what Zelda will do round him :)<
im sill mad bout that...
if i would have answerd the door, my step dad wouldnt have had to do anything. i would have done it. at the time i was so mad i was bout to hit someone

good times ehh?
First off, Hi, I'm from Owensboro, KY... originally.

Yeah, I've had SOOO manky froblems with my neighbors. Well their dogs in partiucular. In the past year, the neighborhood dogs have killed ove thiry of my chickens. I just found out whose dogs have been doing it... She offered to pay for them, but I reminded her that if she did pay me for the lost chickens, she'd be out about $240. So, I jsut told her to keep her dogs from getting out, reminding her (politely) that I could have animal control take and destroy her dogs... (in my county, any livestock killer MUST be euthanized either by the county or the owner). I also told her that I could shoot her dogs if I caught them in the act of chasing my chickens (also legal, I asked animal control officers). She was nice and everything, but didn't like what I had to say... I think it worried her. It's been a few months since then, and no losses. BUT I have three more dogs running around here, and it's onlt a matter of time 'till this problem arises again... I don't think i'll warn the other neighbors... just kill the dogs if they attack.

Good luck, we all have these problems from time to time.

Sorry, quoted the wrong person... I was refering to the first post...
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we have this neighbor across the street who thinks this is the ghetto of LA when it's a non ghetto part od chino. (quiet neighborhood with a few cops who live here) well he hates us. lol. we used to be okay with each other, but he stirred up family drama.. like pulled a gun on my big brother (who is in the army) and his wife (who was pregnant at the time) my brother called the cops and he went to jail.. now he blames it on my brother cuz well he's not mature enough to point his finger at himself. i told him HE pulled the gun on my brother. HE was the one hwo had the gun.. anyway.. now there was more drama because he's a low life and likes to blast his "system" in his car and i am a student. i has a really hard test and it's hard to study when your walls are vibrating and ducklings are trying to sleep so they chirp and chirp and chirp when they get woken up from the ignorant jerk. so i called the cops. of course the cops NEVER do anything. i can't tell you how many times i have told the police that he deals drugs and drives aound on a suspended license.. oh did i mention the mom who lives there is an illegal alien and refuses to speak english and they all scam the government?? yeah his girlfriend or whatever she is.. they have 3 kids together and of course they get welfare cuz she claims she doesn't know where the dad is.. i have tried to inform people about it, but they haven't done anything..

anyway.. what does this have to do with my pets...

he keeps telling me he has a trick up his sleeve and we have several cats who are outside kitties and if i ever find any harmed kitties of mine.. i will have his head!

i hate jerk neighbors!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't recommend letting the dogs do anything to the neighbour. They'll be the ones that pay.

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