another ? about using garlic


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
I read through several of the posts about using garlic for insect/worm control but I have not seen an answer with a definitive yes for if it does make the eggs taste funny
. I love garlic but I am curious if it just makes the egg taste like crap or not. My chickens do free range but with this upcoming summer of ticks and fleas being the worst ever
I wanted to get a head start in protecting my flock. I plan on getting the DE for their coop will that deter insects if ingested? We have only been chicken owners for less than a year so we are still learning. I have started our dogs on the brewers yeast/garlic chews as well as their monthly dose of flea/tick drops. I really would apperciate any feed back from your experience with using garlic or any other herbs. Koren
I haven't used garlic, but I mix crushed red pepper or cayenne in a couple of scrambled eggs and feed to the girls 1-2 times a month for worms. They are all healthy and lay well.The chickens can't taste the "hot".

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